Our 2019 Keynote Speakers


Founder of the Live Your Legacy Summit
Professional TV Show Host, Event Emcee, Speaker, Author & Auctioneer
Serving on the Board of Governors for the Emmy Awards


Sunday Mastermind Sessions: AMP UP YOUR MEDIA! How to partner with the RIGHT MEDIA to AMP UP your ON AIR message, story, product or service to increase your bottom line.

Monday Mastermind Sessions: HOW YOU CAN GET ON TV & RADIO NOW! Learn trade secrets and increase your income, client base and or your donations if you are a 501-c3!

Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Producer, Director, serving as a judge and on the Board of Governors for the Emmy Awards.
An Author & Co Author of 9 Self Help Books, Speaker, Emcee, A Non-Profit Auctioneer, Founder of Live Your Legacy Summit event series and AMP ~ Aurea McGarry Productions. A frequent lead TV Host for “Atlanta Live” on WATC TV and a Cancer & Domestic Violence Sur-THRIVER

As a sought-after speaker and emcee she travels the country inspiring people to live their best legacy and as a media coach she teaches business owners and Non-Profits how to become the “Go To” celebrity expert in their industry by partnering with the right media outlets.

Aurea has been featured on over 400 radio shows and dozens of TV shows across the country including; The 700 Club, Atlanta & Company, Atlanta Live, Fox Good Day Extra, NBC Daytime Tampa Bay, PBS, Good Morning Austin and many others with audiences in the millions.

She has overcome many adversities including the murder of her father, divorce, domestic violence, cancer and the removal of her vocal cord nerve that left her unable to speak and she wrote her autobiography about how to overcome them all, staying positive and successful, titled “I Won’t Survive, I’ll Thrive!”

Kim Coles

Comedian/Author/Actress/Speaker/success Coach
Author of the book series “Open Your G.I.F.T.S”
The unforgettable “Synclaire” on FOX’s TV comedy series, Living Single

Monday Morning Using The Power of Your Story to Captivate and Connect.

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Connect, Captivate and Compel to get to the Clients and the Cash!

Monday Afternoon Mastermind Sessions: Connect, Captivate and Compel to get to the Clients and the Cash!

Best known for her five-season turn as the unforgettable “Synclaire” on FOX’s ground- breaking comedy series, Living Single, Kim Coles has starred on numerous hit television programs including Frasier, Six Feet Under, In Living Color, One on One, and the uproarious TBS comedy series 10 Items Or Less as the villainous “Mercy P. Jones”. She was the co-host of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show, In the Loop with I Village and has been a guest co-host for various shows, including The View and Good Day Live.

In her latest venture, Kim Coles is combining comedy and inspiration to empower others with her unique program called Open the G.I.F.T.S.” Through speaking engagements, live events, workshops and products, the program inspires others to discover their own true “gifts” so that they may share them with the world. Her 3rd book “Open Your G.I.F.T.S” is an Amazon Bestseller.

Kim Coles is also known to reality audiences for having appeared on The Mole, VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and Coming to the Stage, BET’s search for “the next superstar of funny.” Kim recently became the first female primetime game show host in history headlining BET’s inspirational game show Pay It O!.” Currently, Kim serves as a co-host on BET’s highly successful talk show My Black is Beautiful, an energetic, interactive and informative series that celebrates the unique and dynamic qualities of the African-American woman. She delights audiences all over the world and is a sought after coach and online academy teacher, Kim also guides women on the incredible healing journey of telling and leveraging their own authentic stories to inspire others to learn, laugh and leave their own powerful legacy.

Linda Clemons

CEO of Sisterpreneur® Inc.
Body Language Expert trained and certified in Analytic Interviewing & Statement Analysis™

Monday Morning On The Main Stage – A LIVE BODY LANGUAGE DEMONSTRATION. (Audience participation )

Monday Afternoon Mastermind Sessions: Shhhh….I see what you are thinking. See and learn from a live demonstration on how Linda can tell you everything you need to know about yourself just by your body language and discover life changing tips to grow your business and YOUR LEGACY!!

Linda Clemons is the CEO of Sisterpreneur® Inc. and is an award-winning and record-setting sales producer as well as one of the top sales trainers in the world in
the resort/timeshare industry where clients have generated over two billion in sales. A Body Language Expert trained and certified in Analytic Interviewing and
Statement Analysis™ which is a process used to detect deception.

Her clients and audiences include the FBI, Southwest Airlines, Coca-Cola, Spanx, Johnson and Johnson, Nationwide, Bristol Myers, Nielsen, National Urban League, Nestle, MGM, Major League Baseball, Wells Fargo. Leo Burnett Worldwide, US Customs, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and Starwood. Her client list includes celebrities, executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Linda has opened for or shared the stage with such notables as Oprah Winfrey, President Obama, Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Mary Jo White former SEC Chair.

Warren Carlyle

CEO at Warren Carlyle
Community Building Strategist
Founder/CEO at Octonation™

Monday Morning Motivational Keynote On Stage. Making your WILDEST DREAMS A REALITY!!

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: TOPIC TILE & DESCRIPTION TBA – Building an engaging community of fans and followers!

Monday Mastermind Sessions: TOPIC TILE & DESCRIPTION TBA – Building an engaging community of fans and followers!

Warren Carlyle is a Community Building Strategist and the CEO/Founder of OctoNation™, the Largest Octopus Fan Club in the world, with 250,000+ members across various platforms. He helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and nonprofits grow through monetization strategies that build communities of ideal customers that actually show up to live videos & leave a flood of comments.

Having worked closely with celebrity artists, thought leaders, bloggers, fitness personalities, and brands such as Sony Pictures, Mont Blanc and GQ, Warren understands and advocates the building of an engaged community online as the lifeblood of a business’ relevancy in the marketplace. Since 2012 he has helped brands increase their sales, productivity and the overall success of their social media campaign through custom training sessions that teach step-by-step how to grow an active community.

Shellie Hunt

Global Speaker/Philanthropist/Author
Founder of SuccessIsByDesign.Com
Legacy Award Honoree 2016

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Turning your purpose into profit making systems.

Monday Mastermind Sessions: Success funnels and PR mastery for business.

Monday Morning Inspirational Keynote On Stage.

Shellie Hunt is Founder and CEO of The Women Of Global Change, Success is by Design LLC, ReMake MY Life LLC, and other multiple companies. A Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Speaker, and author of the “Success is by Design” Series, and TV executive producer. She is recipient of 2013 Humanitarian Award in Congress. As the First Lady of Entrepreneurs, she has served well over tens of thousands of women and children worldwide in communities and outreach programs. Shellie served on the national board of NWPC, and hosted the 2014 EMMA Awards.

Shellie has shared the stage with some of the top human potential and business speakers in the world and served as a lead mentor in the Billionaire Adventure Club. She has also appeared on national talk and radio shows with audiences in the millions and has been mentioned in Forbes.com. Her other appearances are numerous and include CBS, ABC, USA Today, CBS MoneyWatch, Beyond the Dow, HLN and many others.

Shellie has been described in the international press as “One of the best orators and coaches of human potential available for public speaking and a master of business structure and multiple sources of income.” Her speaking skills and courses cover the full spectrum. She has focused her life’s work in the realm of human potential and business success. Shellie has presented to and coached well over ten thousand individuals from all walks of life. These include CEO’s, business owners, inventors, authors, managers, Supreme Court judge, blue-collar industries, teen trainings, as well as the general public. Learn more about her business here: www.ShellieHunt.com


Founder of Amy Walker Consulting. Master Business Strategist & Leadership Expert

Monday Morning Inspirational Keynote On Stage

Monday Afternoon Mastermind Sessions: CEOwnership: Be the CEO of your business.

Learn how to take a business from start up to a ONE MILLION dollar company.
Amy will share her tried and true success formulas for sustainable significant annual growth and help you understand your role as a CEO.

Amy Walker is an executive business coach, international speaker, author and CEO of Amy Walker Consulting. She’s gifted with understanding people and how to get them to shift, increase productivity, and utilize their talents to complete company objectives. That skill set shows up in her leadership strategies, sales scripts, and marketing campaigns. Her clients rave about her ability to get to the heart of any business challenge, and then built the system to support sustainable change.

Amy has coached thousands of small- mid size business owners and specializes in helping them make the jump from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure organization. She has over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and leadership.

Amy has been featured on Fast Company, US News and World Report, CEO World Magazine, DIY Marketers and numerous radio, print and television features. Amy has a BA in Linguistics, is a Certified Personal Mentor, and a Certified Body Language Expert. She has trained for companies like Lifetime Products, Parker Hannifin, State Farm Insurance, Utah State Bar Association, Department of Corrections, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, 3 Key Elements, doTERRA, Mary Kay, Scentsy and more.

Amy’s NO FLUFF approach to business will leave you feeling like you have had a full course meal in business education. Amy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business model that works, makes money, and doesn’t take over their lives. She believes that business can be a platform for creating global impact.

Judy Goss

CEO, What Women Want Networking TV Host of AWE’s “Behind The Gates” Radio Host “What Women Want”
Failing Your Way to Success – How I did it and you can too!

First Thing Monday Morning Motivational Keynote On The Stage.

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: How to expand your brand into an EMPIRE! – 5 ways I strengthened my foundation.

Monday Mastermind Sessions: TIPS on How To Begin Expanding Your Brand Into An Empire.

Judy Goss is a TV host of AWE’s “Behind The Gates” and is constantly interviewing A-list celebrities on her own shows and as a TV contributor all across the country, regularly appearing on NBC and FOX. Her show “What Women Want Show” has over 1.5 million downloads to date and she is also a published author of St. Martin’s Press.

An entrepreneurial spirit, Judy founded the nationally acclaimed networking organization What Women Want Networking in 2011 with several regional chapters across the country that also hosts an annual national women’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Her background is in the fashion and publishing industries as an international high fashion model with Ford NY who eventually made her way behind the camera as an editor of Cosmopolitan and MORE Magazines before she segued into the world of TV. Passionate about children, Judy is on the board for StopCAIDNow, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and volunteers for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Metro NY. She is the proud Mom of twin girls currently residing with her husband in NY.

More Mastermind Teachers

Mark Hayes

Founder of Mark Hayes Consulting
Former Fox 5 TV News Anchor, Business Strategy Coach and Speaker

Monday Mastermind Sessions: Content is King…But Queens do it better. Focused on creating engaging and compelling TV news worthy content to help attract new clients and to enhance your brand.

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Positivity…For Profits Positivity can help transform your thought process when it comes to taking your business and or your non-profit organizations to greater levels of success.

Mark specializes in helping leaders maximize their Communications, Executive Presence and Presentation Skills. He provides interview and presentation training through both sound presentation techniques and real-time, on camera experience.

Mark’s spent nearly three decades bringing news viewers in major cities across the country their news and information of the day. For more than a decade, Mark was a staple of early morning television on Good Day Atlanta. He believes his most noteworthy achievement, was the nearly 20 hours he spent on air during the Fulton County Courthouse shootings and the subsequent capture of Brian Nichols.

After 2 Emmy nominations and highly coveted National recognition for spot news coverage from the National Press Photographers Association, Mark now currently is the managing partner of his own media strategy & performance consulting firm. He has been a passionate supporter of Boys and Girls Clubs in every city he has been a part of. He has also been a fervent supporter of Drug Abuse, recovery & prevention efforts with different organizations. He was one of the earliest supporters and assisted Simply Grace House in Dallas, TX as they began their efforts to help recovering addicts of drug and alcohol addiction.

Erica Strong

TV Personality, Author, Business Owner, Celebrity Stylist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Monday Mastermind Sessions: Flip it off! Flipping life’s boulders over to find freedom, joy and abundant prosperity

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Gratitude Gains – Learning the explosion of gratitude and its effects to burst through life

With over 20 years of styling experience, Erica has been graced with multiple opportunities within her industry.
She has served as Educator for major hair care system, worked as one of the lead stylist for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, styled for runway and print, as well as held the position as Head of Hair for feature films.

She has worked with amazing producers/directors such as Kim Fields, Tyler Perry, Tommy Ford and James Kicklighter.

Ms. Strong has been faced with really intense trials that would have been detrimental to the average person, but with her determination and strong faith in God, she not only overcame, but she has been helping others to do the same. Her motto and the force that drives her is “Successful Minds = Successful Lives.”


Founder & CEO of Simple Fat Burn

Sunday Mastermind Session: How To Be Fit and Have Endless Energy While Running Your Business

Monday Mastermind Session: Health is Wealth and how it can all be yours!

Cathryn Marshall, CEO and Founder of Simple Fat Burn teaches strategies so you can have your fitness goals and run your business. What’s fitness got to do with business? Everything. You’ll need to show up looking and feeling your best when the success comes in. She’ll teach some concepts that will immediately get you fit, lean, and energized for success!

Cathryn is a best selling Author on Amazon, Professional Speaker and the National Director for What Women Want Networking. With 22 years experience in the personal training industry, she understands the demands of running a full-time business, being a Mom, and making your health your top priority.

Trained as a therapist, Cathryn counsels, educates and motivates on the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of health. She shows you how to change what you eat, what you do and what you think for success.

She’s always had a passion for helping people change for the better.
After struggling with her own eating habits from from the time she was a teenager, she know’s what it’s like to be out of shape. She lost 34 lbs in 90 days, and has overcome sugar addiction. She’s been a national fitness competitor, who’s coached hundreds of clients to get fit fast and make it last! She believes that “You teach what you need to know, and that’s my what fuels my purpose on this planet.”

Her success has developed in to an educational system that shows you how to burn fat by balancing blood sugar with every meal. No more yo-yo dieting. You can have a cupcake, just not the whole box!

Amy Matthews

Marketing Strategist & Founder of the Navigate Your Marketing Puzzle Program

Sunday Mastermind Session – Stop Confusing Your Customer! Learn how a MessageMap can transform all the ways you communicate with your customer.
Monday Mastermind Session – Attract the Right Customers to You! Learn how using your Messaging Strategy (MessageMap) will Have Customers Asking to Business with You.

Amy Matthews is marketing strategist with 27 years experience building strategic marketing
solutions for organizations both large and small. She believes that everything about what you
do in business should begin and end with your client. They are the true north for your business
and if you allow them to guide your journey you will never drift off course.
Amy has a passion for helping women succeed in business by fostering ideas and empowering
entrepreneurs to utilize marketing as a driving force for their business. In addition to serving
as the Managing Director for the eWomenNetwork Atlanta Chapter, Amy works with entrepreneurs to help them
define, plan and execute marketing strategies that show them what to do,
when to do it, how much it will cost, and who can help them get it all done.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Tennessee and a MBA from Samford University.

deborah daniel CPA

Founder & President of Charter Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance & Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Mercer University.

Sunday Mastermind Session – CPA Profit Secrets- How to Find More Cash in Your Business in 7 Days or Less
Monday Mastermind Session – Profit Hacks- More Profit without more Sales- that means less Work, more Money and more Fun

Deborah Daniel began her 25-year career as an entrepreneur soon after completing her MBA. During that time, she has purchased and scaled four smaller accounting firms into Charter Accounting, an Atlanta, Georgia firm that has a client base consisting of over 1,000 ongoing clients. Deborah and her husband, Edward, have worked together and with partners to own and sell several companies for total values in excess of $10 million dollars. In addition, Deborah’s extensive knowledge and ownership in real estate investments give her the hands-on experience needed to mentor clients in the areas of tax planning, investment planning, financial planning, and wealth creation habits and strategies.

By helping clients figure out what numbers really matter in their business and showing them how to measure and evaluate key indicators Deborah helps her client achieve levels of success they previously did not think were possible.

C. Nicole Henderson

Founder of C. Nicole Henderson & Associates. Author, Speaker, and sought out Industry Expert. Building Nonprofit Organizations of Global Impact!! A professional Non-Profit Consultant and Strategy Expert

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Dispelling Myths of Starting and Sustaining a Non-profit Organization
Who should attend: Organizations with less than 250K in revenue and those seeking their 501c3 tax exempt status.
What Makes a Non-profit Great! 6 Must Know Steps to a Successful Start-up – Best Practices and Systems to avoid common pitfalls
Board Leadership: Difference between living the mission and helping others – Social Media Noise: How to Rise above It – Brand Equity & Marketing

Monday Mastermind Session: Become a Higher-Impact Non-profit Organization
Who should attend: Audited Organizations with over 300K in Revenue
Discover how to become a greater influence in the world – Building trust among community and donors for faster growth –
Expanding the vital roles of your volunteers to increase your results and your bottom line.

Nicole Henderson is the Solutionist for Executive, Ministry, and Non-profit Consulting with WSG Consulting, Inc. where we advise solutions “just right” for nonprofit organizations or businesses. Ms. Henderson has over 25 years of experience with domestic and international nonprofit organizations and NGOs’ within all cycles of the organization from initial start up to mature sustainable organization. After working with WSG, nonprofits have working capital and operate more efficiently with our Development Plans and Best Practice System. The benefit for corporate partners is positioning as leaders in the community for charitable giving.

Nicole Peterson Flores

Brand Strategist at Nicky Pink & Co.

Sunday Mastermind Sessions: Brand Story, Brand Voice, Brand Archetype … Gah! Just stop. These are the only three things you need to define your brand.
Who this if for: Business owners who have existing clients and existing content.

Nicole is ridiculously passionate about all things branding.

Using her education in psychology and art history, certifications in graphic art and life coaching, along with her insatiable love for any type of design and uncanny ability to read vibes, Nicole has created a fantasy job for herself that consists of learning about people and their dreams and goals and having the ability to help them realize them.

Nicole’s work has been recognized and featured by Google, and she’s had the pleasure to work with top-level companies whose clients include Target, Minted, and Pottery Barn. Most importantly, Nicole has been able to share her crazy passion to help entrepreneurs just like herself.

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