rave reviews

Thank you so much for allowing Rita and I to bring Silpada to your first Live Your Legacy Summit. The entire day was a true testament to your dedication to enriching the lives of others. Rita and I discussed how much information we took away with us from your speakers and we have already discussed what legacy we feel we would like to leave behind. We were truly motivated by what we heard from all your special guests.
We would love to have a table at your next Summit.

Thank you so much again for the opportunity to participate in your dream.Dana Nickum, Silpada Representative

Chloe Taylor Brown

Aurea… I’m just now recovering from all of the wonderment, new knowledge & enlightenment from your Living Your Legacy Summit yesterday. Not to mention all the new friends I enjoyed meeting. It was awesome! I was truly blessed to be part of your Live Your Legacy Summit, thanks again. So many fabulous women and young ladies. I felt right at home.

Ginny Victorio Bishop

Thank you for everything! Your awesome event has forever changed my life and so many others!! I had an awesome time and so did so many of the Woamtec members! Lots of great positive energy, passionate, purposeful, amazing friends living their legacy! Look forward to the next one!

Tierra Destiny Reid

Thank you!! You are amazing and the event was very inspiring! Helped us all dig deep and remember to decide what we want our lives to represent! Amazing job!!!

Melissa Anderson-Stowe

Thank you Aurea! I had the best time at the Live Your Legacy Summit. So many inspiring people in one place…you could just feel the love! Thank you again for having me as a vendor! IT WAS AMAZING! Looking forward to the next summit!

Bernadette Boas

Aurea…. it was a wonderful, moving, and exciting day…CONGRATULATIONS on holding a great event!!!!

Jack A. Daniels

AWESOME Vision, AWESOME Event and I met some AWESOME People…….I think its safe to say that I had an AWESOME Time! Keep Living YOUR Legacy Aurea by impacting and instituting change in people’s lives!

Cassandra Hester Yarbrough

Hi Aurea, I would like to tell you that the live your legacy summit was amazing and inspirational, and you are amazing and inspirational! I know that attending the summit was exactly where I needed to be that day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carol Updike Reinlie

Aurea – What a fantastic and beautiful day yesterday. Thanks for an inspiring and day full of love. You are an amazing inspiration to many. Keep doing what you are doing. Your voice is definitely being heard. thanks so much! It was a fabulous event.

Elizabeth Stainback Alcaraz

I loved it, and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for sharing your special day with me!

Sandra Eggers

Aurea…fantastic day and amazing event!! So glad to have been a part of it!

Alexandra Rose

WE appreciate the opportunity! As we were ending, my colleague repeatedly commented how MUCH she enjoyed the day! I look forward to the next time.

Deanna Walling Kesserwani

It was an Awesome Day with a room full of Inspiring and Uplifting People….Thanks for bring us All Together!!!!

Alexandra Rose

At the Live Your Legacy Summit!! LOVED it, and count me in for the next one.

Cathi Onley

Aurea- Thank you for listening to Gods plan for your life. It was so rewarding having my 14 year old daughter with me and having so many woman speak about the things I have always told both of my daughters. Reinforcements on a stage……how amazing is He!

Alex Gross

Congratulations on putting together an outstanding event. Thanks again for honoring Joanne Chesler Gross!

Michele Benbow-Robinson

Thanks Aurea for putting on a great Living Your Legacy event. It was quite inspirational. Looking forward to next year!

Sheree Songer Crowe

Aurea! THANK YOU so much for giving of yourself to help so many – including me. Saturday was such a blessing and I look forward to learning more and DOING more. Xoxo!

Dawn Lina Wallace

Aurea! THANK YOU so much for giving of yourself to help so many – including me. Saturday was such a blessing and I look forward to learning more and DOING more. Xoxo!

Jamillahs Body Sync,LLC

Thanks for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful and enlightening experience. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. May you continue to walk in favor. Be Blessed and continue to be a Blessing to others.

Judy Calland

Had a wonderful time and met remarkable women.
Thank you for the opportunity and referrals.

Stephanie Fossett Spieth

Hello Aurea! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful pictures from the
most inspirational day ever!

Jennifer Lee

Melissa Carter was awesome…actually all the speakers brought something different to the table…amazing day – you awoke more than a few passions yesterday Aurea!

Kim Oosterkamp Pettinato

What an uplifting day. It’s a blessing to have connected with all of you!

Jama Hedgecoth

You are Awesome…. Thank you for a wonderful day!