“Aurea is AMAZING and 100% heart centered!
You will love working with her!”Jairek Robbins
Keynote Speaker,
Jairek Robbins Companies
Life Coach & Business Coach

Who should attend?

• You will learn strategic action plans to redirect your life in order to live your best legacy now. Taught by award winning speakers & coaches in Atlanta and across the country.

• Learn ways to get out of a rut and how you can STOP just surviving your day and start THRIVING! By learning what it takes to identify the things stopping you and ways to overcome them now and for long-term success daily.

• You will learn how to make more time count out of every day to achieve the results you long for, with success strategies on time management skills taught by experts in this field.

• Find out how you can have better money management skills everyday to enable you to do the things you know you should be doing but your lack of money right now has been stopping you.

• Come and find out how so many successful business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs have turned their obstacles into their legacies and how you can do it too. They all have a system and will teach those to you.

• Learn ways to turn your dreams and talents into a road map you create and follow each day, that will benefit your life and those you want to impact.


• Meet and collaborate with people at the top of their game who can and will help you increase your income and success!

• Specialized Mastermind Sessions of YOUR CHOOSING, will open your eyes to how much greater your life can be with more purpose and clarity.

• Learn how to turn your business into a CELEBRITY leaving your competitors in the dust!

• Come engage and network with powerful successful people who are living their dream legacies and will give you a step by step guide on how you can live yours too.

• Secrets to longevity and how you can reduce stress to can enjoy your journey will be revealed.

• Come and get support, find your clarity and discover your purpose through educational activities, speakers, teachers, focus groups and games that have proven great results.

• For those of you who care deeply about how your family, friends and community remember your life and HOW you lived it to your fullest potential, absolutely MUST attend!