Join us at our Live Your Legacy Summits and engage in powerful workshops, activities and interactive panels.

Take advantage of a limited opportunity to engage directly with very special women who desire to make a difference in their communities, their workplace and to their favorite charitable organizations. Although attendees range in age, the majority are mature women who are determined now more than ever to take control of their legacies as they get even more serious about their personal and professional lives.

Our 2018 Summit Vendor Package Specials – Just For You!

Vendor Benefits

All vendor booth tickets include a delicious buffet lunch on BOTH DAYS!

Set up is Sunday from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Close down is Monday at 4:00pm

Only one booth per company is accepted. It’s first come, first served.

So, please email us at Dannella@OakwoodOccasions.Com and give us your company name for approval, before purchasing your package.

  • You will have a unique opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to about 200 women who are movers, shakers, decision and money makers.
  • You will meet potential customers who are living legends, highly engaged in living their life to the fullest.
  • Top achievers and award winners in a wide variety of lifestyles and careers.
  • Our event is designed to engage you and your business table with each and every attendee through activities that will bring them over to you in person throughout the day.
  • All vendors will have a place inside our summit room to be a part of the entire day’s events. You won’t miss a thing.
  • A certain number of table space will be available next to the registration tables to be the first to greet all who enter the room.
  • You will be allowed sell your products, services and give out samples and donate products or services for our many door prize giveaways.
  • You and your attending support teams will have seats at the round tables to hear all the speakers and select several mastermind sessions to attend on Sunday and Monday.
  • Vendors are VIP attendees, fully branded in our busy ballroom for everyone to see and you’ll participate in all the summit activities – you won’t miss a thing!


Before purchasing any package listed below, please contact us to ensure your company is not already being represented. Include your company name, phone number and type of product or services you would like to promote at the Summit.

Vendor Packages

1. One summit ticket for both days as a vendor and as guest who will enjoy all the speakers, activities and several mastermind sessions of your choice on Sunday & Monday.

3. One 6′ skirted vendor booth with table cloth inside the main ballroom.

4. Two specialty Red Carpet gift bags.

5. Invitations to Sunday’s Meet and Greet


6. Your name and website address displayed inside our beautiful full size celebration souvenir programs!

7. This same shout out will also be tweeted once on her @Aureamcgarry Twitter account where influential people from the media follow.

Executive Sponsors receive the coveted 5 minute opportunity to personally speak on our main stage, Monday during the highlighted morning hours.

1. Six summit tickets together at a round table on Monday with your company table top sign on it, reserved in the front of the room. Everyone will enjoy all the speakers, activities and several mastermind sessions of your choosing on Sunday & Monday.

2. Lunch will be served on both days.

3. Prime front door area placement for your 6’ skirted vendor booth!

4. Six Red Carpet Specialty gift bags

5. Invitations to Sunday’s Meet and Greet

6. Your name and website address displayed inside our beautiful full size celebration souvenir programs! Oh, no – that deadline has passed!

7. Plus, your larger more prominent color logo displayed inside our full size souvenir programs! Oh, no – that deadline has passed!

8. Your website link, photo and a shout out from Aurea for your business on the Legacy Summit Pinterest board.

9. Once a month pre-event shout out endorsement on and and on the Summit Alumni page.

10. Once a month pre-event shout out on

11. Display your advertising banner in the hotel restaurant lobby during the Sunday night Meet and Greet. Get BIG BRAND recognition from hotel and summit guest alike.

12. Get your brand ON THE STAGE! Your larger more prominent full color logo proudly displayed on our speaker podium poster where photographs are taken of all the speakers on stage and shared on hundreds of social media sites for thousands of followers & friends to see!

13. Your larger more prominent full color logo with a direct link to your website, proudly displayed on every page of the official Live Your Legacy Summit website through January 15th, 2017.

14. Your larger more prominent full color logo and website link included in all summit newsletters and informational emails sent out prior to the summit and in the post summit thank you letters. Great exposure to thousands! The sooner you sign up, the more newsletters you will be advertised in from NOW through OCTOBER! Hurry!

15. Your larger more prominent full color logo featured on the top our exclusive 8 X 8 on-stage Step & Repeat photography banner for maximum exposure in all photographs & videos taken of our speakers and honorees ON THE MAIN STAGE!

16. Plus, your larger more prominent full color logo featured on the top our exclusive 8 X 8 Red Carpet Step & Repeat front entrance banner, where all the red carpet video interviews will be filmed with Emmy Award Winner, Paula Gwynn Grant.

Something Extra Special exclusively for our Executive & Presenting Sponsors

17. Top billing on everything that has sponsor logos on it.

18. Every speaker Tweets about YOU! A guaranteed picture & tweet with each one of our prestigious speakers and your host Aurea McGarry. Potential followers to see YOU will be well OVER 250,000.

19. A reserved time for your “POPARAZZI” video interview with founder Angelica Monroe Boudreau to be filmed during the event.

20. A professional photograph with your host, Aurea McGarry, at your vendor booth with her written rave review for you to freely use to promote your business. A SnapChat video promo for you and your business can be done too upon request in advance.

21. You or someone from your team may say a few words at our very popular Sunday night MEET & GREET PARTY!! Tell us all who you are what you do and you can give out samples or door prizes etc…We will discuss great ideas together before the big day. YOU WILL BE A STAR!!!

You can’t attend the summit but you don’t want to miss out on great PR and advertising with all of our summit attendees?

No worries.

You don’t have to be in attendance to buy one or more of these opportunities. Remember we build these packages to suit YOUR NEEDS & BUDGET. The more you buy, the more you save. Other options available upon request.

  • Buy an ad in our full color magazine style programs
  • Submit a relevant article into our magazine programs
  • Sponsor table tops with your signs
  • Get your banner on our websites
  • Have your cupcakes/cookies/treats enjoyed by all
  • Have your banner or signs displayed at our event
  • Provide samples & gifts for our guest to enjoy & know you
  • Provide 200 tote bags with your logo on them
  • Sponsor our awards celebration segment
  • Sponsor our meet & greet the night before the big day
  • Purchase a vendor booth for your charity of choice
  • Purchase tickets to give away to special friends or employees
  • Get a rave review on the summit stage by our host, Aurea McGarry!
  • Get social media buzz from everyone involved with the summit!!
  • And more…
Send your contact info to
Please put “Summit Participation 2018” in the subject line.
Thank you

Refund policy: No refunds are given for tickets or vendor booth purchases. Transfers are acceptable; pending there is no conflict with an existing vendor.