Live Your Legacy Summit

“Your summit was the highlight of my year. You have no idea
how much it meant to me and how it changed my life.” Tracy Sargent — Past Legacy Award Honoree. Search and Rescue Specialist with K9SA

Join us at our Live Your Legacy Summits and engage in powerful workshops, activities and interactive panels.

Hosted by Aurea McGarry, Emmy Award winning TV show host and founder of the Live Your Legacy Summits. Aurea’s been interviewed on over 2 dozen TV news & entertainment shows on networks such as these, and a featured expert on over 400 national & international radio shows.

Exciting 10th Summit Extravaganza details will be announced later this month.
A NEW two day summit is in the works.
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2016 Tickets Coming Soon!

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Exciting 10th Summit Extravaganza details will be announced later this month.
A NEW two day summit is in the works.
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Your life is your own. Your potential belongs only to you.
The time has come for you to live at your fullest!

The Live Your Legacy Summit has changed the lives of so many women already during our last nine events since we began in 2011. We want to do the same for you! Come and learn and collaborate with influential power house women from all over the country, in addition to many from our local Atlanta area. Get your tickets now. You won’t regret it. We promise!

Your tickets will include:

  • A hot buffet lunch, delicious desserts, a swag bag of gifts, a full day of exciting networking with over 175 of your soon to be best friends, two mastermind sessions with your favorite speakers of the day, and shopping with our 40 vendors.
  • Your own personalized, action oriented, plans to start living your best legacy in your business & your life, taught by our
    expert celebrity speakers through out the day. (see them below)
  • A chance to win amazing door prizes, lots of raffle prize baskets and free samples from many of our featured vendors!
  • Our 2016 Meet & Greet details are pending for the big 10th Summit Extravaganza while we plan something really special for you.
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  • Priceless memories, new friends and beneficial education you will use for the rest of your life and career! Bring your best friends, team members and colleagues and get in this room, where lives, careers and legacies are EMPOWERED!!

… and so much more!! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Meet the 2015 speakers

Our speakers will you to success.

Shellie Hunt

Linda Clemons

Jack Daniels

Melissa Carter

Jim DeBetta

Dawn W. Brolin

Laurie Sossa

Paula Gwynn Grant

Sheri Riley

Taurea V. Avant

Mary Vidarte

Aurea McGarry

Congratulations to our 2015 Legacy Award Honorees

who are all dedicated to helping children! Meet them in person at the summit and learn how they got started “Living their Legacy” and how you can too. Please click here to read all about them and their non profit work.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
— Winston S. Churchill —

Congratulations to our
2015  “Aurea Hope” Award Winner

Dawn Brolin
Founder of “Powerful Accounting”

Dawn is not just a very successful business owner in the top of her industry, but she is a humanitarian and giver in the biggest sense of the word. Dawn freely gives of her time, expertise, knowledge and money to those in need around her.

A great example came last year when without hesitation she matched our fundraising efforts at the 2014 Live Your Legacy Summit as we raised a lot of money for sweet 2 year old baby Abigail and without announcing it to anyone, she just wrote out the check and said for me to give it to the family. Something you can imagine a big company doing, but she’s a working mother of two teenage daughters and she finds joy giving her hard earned wealth away when the good causes arise.  SavingAbigailsSmile.Com

She also heard about Scarlett Lewis coming to our summit in 2014 as well, as one of our Legacy Honorees, and when I told her on the phone that Scarlett was the mother of a Newtown Connecticut first grader who was shot and killed at 6 years old in that terrible shooting, without hesitation she insisted that she be allowed to pay for Scarlett and her surviving son JT to fly first class to Atlanta for the summit. But her giving doesn’t end, when she met Scarlett at the Summit she heard her whole story on the stage and proceeded to offer the JesseLewisChooseLove.Org foundation all of her powerful accounting services for free for life, a dollar value beyond belief. All because she wanted to help Scarlett and make a positive difference in their lives and others. She has become a vital member of their organization since that day and continues to volunteer for people everywhere she goes. She has the biggest heart in the world and would lay down her life for a friend in a NEW YORK SECOND!! She works hard, loves hard and gives harder!!

Click here to meet all our 2015 nominees!

Our summit is once again supporting Abigail Faith Haynes from North Georgia who is battling Venous Malformations. She needs to undergo at least 18 more surgeries on her face in the next 18 months and the only doctor in the country who is qualified lives in Denver and the cost to travel to him every 3 weeks is not covered by insurance. As a caring community, we are rallying together to help this family and their precious baby girl AKA “Smiley Bug” get the treatment she so desperately needs and not let this family suffer financially during this difficult time.

Come meet Smiley Bug and her family at the summit and by attending you will
be supporting them in a REALLY big way. Thank you!

To read more about her story or to give to her now, please go here:

Click Me to Learn More!